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3 Advantages Of Polyaspartic Coatings Over Concrete Floors

Polyaspartic concrete floor coatings

While it might be obvious, polyaspartic concrete coatings are generally an infinitely better option than the plain, barren concrete floors that are present in many homes and other commercial spaces. While the contrast between the stylish appearance of a quality concrete coating versus the stale appearance of basic concrete is the most apparent, polyaspartic coatings have a lot more to offer than just aesthetic value to any home or business owner. Keep reading this article from Floor Shield of Castle Rock to learn more about several of the advantages that polyaspartic coatings have to offer over basic concrete floors.

Control Temperature & Humidity While Reducing Risk For Slips

Concrete floors tend to sweat, which can cause all sorts of issues, regardless of how your space is designed. For garages and warehouses with expensive tools and equipment, this means you run the risk of excess moisture and humidity leading to rusting. In the case of furniture and wooden goods, it can lead to rotting. Outside of these settings, excess moisture is never good for televisions and other expensive electronics, as it can impair their performance. It goes without saying that this same moisture and humidity can lead to slickness on the floors that pose a falling hazard. With a polyaspartic floor coating, you can greatly reduce excess moisture from sweating concrete by keeping this moisture from seeping through your foundation into your floor's surface.

Easy To Clean

As most property owners know, it can be hard to stop concrete floors from accumulating dirt and wear as the coarse, porous surface tends to scrape off debris and soak up stains. Concrete surfaces can be difficult to clean, as you have to be careful that you don't accidentally chip the surface, but with polyaspartic coatings, cleaning is a breeze. Since your floors will be perfectly smooth and sealed, there's nowhere for dirt and other debris to seep in. This means you can easily sweep or mop it away with a mop or broom.

Repel Stains

Our strong and perfectly-sealed polyaspartic coatings do not let any stains accumulate on your floors. In contrast, concrete soaks up stains and grime, which is not only unsightly but unsafe as flammable compounds can sometimes spill and settle in. Even if you do find a way to stain your polyaspartic floor coating, the different custom flooring options we offer will mask stains until you find time to clean them away.